Modular Eurorack Cases

Eurorack Cases by SynthRacks

SynthRacks builds Eurorack Cases for the Modular Synthesizer community. Our Eurorack Cases are available in a variety of finishes and sizes, with or without power supplied by Tiptop and can be purchased through the SynthRacks website. If you have any questions please get in touch. Keep updated on the latest products from SynthRacks by joining our email list or following us on Twitter @synthracks.

Peter, Walnut - 9U/104HP
Peter, Black - 9U/104HP
Peter, Cherry - 9U/104HP
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Eurorack Starter Kit
If you are looking for an entry level Eurorack setup, at a great price, then the Eurorack starter kit by SynthRacks and powered by Tiptop Audio is the perfect solution. At either 84HP or 104HP, the kit provides enough power to get you up and running with your first Eurorack in no time.

SynthRacks is a new division of the recording studio furniture manufacturer, StudioRacks. SynthRacks has developed a variety of Eurorack Cases for the modular synthesiser community after requests from StudioRacks customers. The cases are available in a variety of solid wood finishes including, Walnut, Oak, Cherry and also in a black satin lacquer. We build all the cases to 104HP, with 3-5 days delivery, but we can also provide 110HP & 126HP Eurorack Cases, with a 2-3 week lead time. Our Eurorack Cases are now available to be purchased with Tiptop Audio Eurorack power supply units, which provides the equipment required for an out-the-box power pack. If preferred, we can supply the case without, allowing you the flexibility to power your Eurorack case, as you wish. The Eurorack power supply options from Tiptop Audio, come highly recommended and does not require a great deal of electronic understanding, if you wish to find out more, take a look at our Tiptop Audio page, which explains the different components that you need from your Eurorack power supply. We offer a range of accessories to support other Eurorack power supplies, making this a flexible option for the modular synthesiser community, who would prefer a different power outlet. We also supply a range of Eurorack frames, rails and fixings, including M3 & M2.5, nuts, bolts and washers. These are ideal for those looking to build their own case. We have recently added a Eurorack starter kit, which is 3U, with solid wood cheeks at either 84HP or 104HP in width. This is provided with the Tiptop Audio uZeus micro power supply and bus board. This is a great starter kit for an out-the-box Eurorack system, for those looking to enter the Eurorack world, at a great price.

We have over ten years of experience in building and supplying furniture for composers, musicians, universities, recording studios, schools and churches, with many happy customers over the years. The cases are readily available for dispatch and delivery in 3-4 working days from placing the order. If you need any guidance get in touch or for an extensive source of quality information on the Eurorack format, make sure you take a look at

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Delivery to Europe